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3 weeks on the road, Marinduque

After Cebu, Marinduque. I went home at last!after 6 years of not seeing the place where I was born and grew up. I went home to attend the my high school homecoming, Immaculate Conception College Batch 87.

we had a jeepcade!

With Jojo Leva, one of the “kwelas” in our batch.

with some of the batchmates in our theme party

I am from Boac so 0f course I will not leave my town without visiting the old familiar places..

Boac’s Spanish Colonial Fortress Church (Built by Franciscans), its grounds we used as play ground when we were kids since we lived at the foot of the hill where the church is.

Made me want to sing “This used to be our playground..” Old colonial street where we ran as kids while playing hide and seek and other street games. That’s my best friend Rhoda and her daughter Pauline.reminisce, reminisce! o how I missed street games.

One of the few old houses left that was restored and converted into fine restaurant. This used to be the house of Baroro (as we all called him) lead of the local “banda” (community band). The house is located at the town’s plaza area. It is now Casa De Don Emilio owned by the Pitero’s. They serve good capuccino :-D .And you must try their menudo at Kusina sa Plaza, just below this casa. Ask for Rosette Pitero-Sotta.

Not going without photo-op :-)

Casa Narvas, another old house, declared as heritage building. I just realised that I grew up, ran, played as a child, in a town so full of heritage buildings, historic places. felt so proud! no wonder I am so into old buildings up to now, maybe  it all boils down to my childhood days and environment “Ma-fino”. (yabang!:-)

our town plaza with another Colonial Building converted into National Museum Boac Branch. By oral history of old folks the building was used by Japanese Imperial forces as garrison during the  World War II, according to them a lot of people died and burned alive in this place. You can just imagine lots of ghosts stories that were told to us before.

Despite the advent of new formed buildings, my old town is still as quaint as it was before. I noticed that major changes were cars,and more cars.

Marinduque is known for its variety of beaches too, from brown sand to white sand and islets that attracts people, and of course Moriones.

Quiet mornings at the beach is the best!

Gasan beaches. Gasan is 30 minutes away from Boac.

I wish life’s always like this!Lol at Abbey’s Place in Gasan. the resort is owned by the family of my high school classmate, Atty.Mara Sore from Gasan Marinduque.

Where you can splash and relax

Life is good!but somehow I have to go back to the city to work.I caught another last glimpse and goodbye for now of the beautiful island where I was born aboard a ferry going to Lucena.

I will surely miss this ,I’m sure I’ll be home soon again.:-)

Marinduque is accesible by plane and by boat. How to get there

From Manila Bus Terminals (Pasay and Buendia-Jac Liner, Jam etc)

Take the Dalahican bound bus, there is 5PM to 3am trip. Bus fare is Php 268.00

Ferry at Dalahican- Take Montenegro Lines going to Marinduque, fare is a little over than Php 200 plus terminal fee of 10 pesos. There are 3 boat trips, 1st is  12mn, then 4 am and 12nn. I took the boat going to Balanacan pier (Mogpog)is 45 minutes to one hour to Boac, I’m not sure what boat trip goes to Cawit Pier (Cawit Pier is 15 minutes to  Boac).

Jeep from Balanacan to Boac is 50 pesos.

Airline going to Marinduque is Zest Air, airport is located at  Gasan Marinduque.

3 weeks on the Road: Cebu-2nd leg

Another assignment a day after Romblon.

I am to liase for the International Dance Exchange. Again, Why not? never been to Cebu before , wouldn’t want to miss the chance. Despite my air flying phobia.whew!


Liase Malaysian Delegates throughout the event within the City and outside too! :-D


Era Budaya Papar, Sabah Malaysia


…and outside the City–where else but Bantayan Island!!!!aaawwww! :-D :-D :-D three big smiles.

Bantayan Island is on the northern part of Cebu, it can be reached through land travel- bus and sea travel- ferry. From Cebu City North Terminal, you may take a mini-bus or regular/aircon Bus  -Ceres going to Hagnaya Port.

Aircon buses charge Php 150.00 from the city to Hagnaya Port

Travel time is generally 3 hours (on rare occasions 2:45min ) including the 10 minute stop in Carmen Cebu for a restroom break, food & refreshments.  One thing, you must leave the city before 7 am since the fhe ferry (RORO) that carries passengers and vehicles leaves 11 am  if you want to catch the first trip. Recently according to locals there are only 2 runs .

If you are a passenger without vehicle you can take the Super Shuttle Ferry, that charges  Php 150.oo plus 10 pesos terminal fee.

We are on special tour so our special trip bus we boarded the bigger Roro


Our bus boarding the RORO


Leaving Hagnaya Port the view was awesome!



One hour later it’s Awesomer!! :-D

Welcome to Santa Fe Port, Bantayan Island.


10 minutes later…. what do we have here???!!! Another paradise

On a hot afternoon at Sta Fe Beach. according to our guides, Sta Fe Beach is the most beautiful in Bantayan.

We stayed at Mayette’s Beach Resort. The resort’s cottages are made of sawali and concrete, they have simple function rooms with videoke take note. :-D, open cottages for day stay and tents for overnights. There are but few resorts in the area that’s why it’s a bit expensive. Cottagewith 2 double bed costs Php 1,000 per night.

For day trips, there is 20 pesos entrance fee.

Going to Mayette’s, from Sta Fe Port, go straight towards the crossing going to Ogtong Cave, turn left then when you reach another crossing turn left (if you turn right that’s going to Ogtong Cave Resort). A few meters away from the crossing is Mayette’s Resort.


Of course not complete without my photo OP :-DDDDD proof of landing!


Our dancers will not leave this beautiful island without trying to leap, as in the case of Ballet Philippine’s company member.

and the dancers i liase, Era Budaya Papar’s sun jump!


Bantayan Island is not all Beaches though.

A church was built by Augutinians on 1580, St. Peter Parishl that covered areas as far as Leyte. The church burned down and rebuilt in 1600. The current structure was again rebuilt 1839 and completed 1863. As of today, facade of the church is again under restoration and rehabilitation.


AFTER 2 days in Bantayan, we went back to Cebu mainland only to visit yet another serene town and structures of colonial past.

ARGAO- South of Cebu, 3 hours away from the city via land travel.

The Baroque-Rococo Church of Argao built by Augustinians 1734 and completed 1788 then Restored 1987.

with its Pipe Organ near the coro

and wooden ceiling so fascinating


From Argao we headed to CARCAR- South of Cebu, 2 .5 hours from the city.

The little haven of  sugar barons at the Turn of the Century Philippines- serene town of Carcar.

2 centuries later… is the “Chicharon (Dried Crispy Pork Skin:-)))  Capital of Cebu”  :-D  Cholesterol!!!!

Before sundown we left Carcar  with memories of these smiling children candle vendors around the church .

Next leg of 3 weeks on the Road- MARINDUQUE.

One Weekend and a Bag

My bag and me one weekend up North. Ilocos never failed to amaze me.  Where our feet brought us, there’s always the bright sun, bright smiles and breathtaking environs.Let me share some.


We arrived  just before the sun was starting to set


Our Homestay, HannaLou’s, with Ate Mariefe Caliw-Caliw who cooks the best pinangat.(the best I’ve ever tasted in my life, no kidding.) My friend Lyn, and new friends – Jenie & Rodney, we met them at the homestay the night before this breakfast, but they actually live near our dorm in Manila. Small world :-)


Their pinangat is superb.


Saud mornings smelled of rice grass and sea breeze


Burgos Light House, Cape Bojeador is tranquil and serene despite the murmur of tourists voices at high noon.


Face the vastness and breathtaking “Kapurpurawan”.


Could not utter a word…”napanganga lang ako” as in drop jaw. I hope this beauty stays forever.I wish the region would keep an eye on vandals, I wish they won’t allow tourists to go and sit on this rock for photo op.I took this picture using only point and shoot digital camera zooming 5x.


More rock formations they are as breathtaking, its hard not to steal a shot.


Steal a shot with me on it  please…


Near the end of the day, Bangui Windmills that looks so tall and thin from afar but huge and overwhelming up close.You can actually feel the galloping of its fan as they collect wind when you are under them.Amazing :-D


Feel free to fly, the sea and the wind are your bare witnesses.


…At the end of the day there’s the poetic moonlight hovering over. :-P

* Saud,Pagudpud Homestay at Hannalou’s — Humble abode,but NOT FOR MA-AARTE–3 Bedrooms, 1 is for bigger group, the 2 others are smaller with one double bed, Rates- PHP 250-300, their place has clean and descent comfort rooms.The place is for travelers working on a tight budget. Ate Mariefe and Kuya Ruben are accommodating and great cooks. :-D I’ll go back one of these days for sure.

Name of Transient House/Homestay: Hannah Lou’s Home stay

Location: Saud, Pagudpud

Owner: Ruben and Mariefe Caliw-caliw

Contact details: 639213104826



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