Artists Studiocapade

6 thoughts on “Artists Studiocapade”

  1. Hello Mimi, came across your interesting blog looking up Ephraim Samson. Would you know how I can contact him? Thank you so much. Felix

    1. Hi, Im not sure if he’s still in town. i organised their exhibit 2 years ago. if you may..please look him up in facebook. I know he’s there from time to time.but can i get your full name and contact so I can also message him there. Thanks

      1. Hi Mimi, thanks for you reply. I did send him a FB request before and sent him another one about 1 Hr ago. Obviously didn’t get a response to my first request so tried again. Happy to email you more via my email – thanks so much.

  2. Mimi, my parents owned an oil by Edgar Doctor and they’ve both passed away. I would like to contact Edgar, but don’t have an email address for him. I’m not on FB or Twitter so can’t connect with him that way. Do you happen to have an email address for him? My email address is Thanks.

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