Of artists bosses and studio,where thousands of ideas erupt everyday. Coined to produce wonderful works of art. We are currently preparing for a big exhibit in December. Her theme now are mostly dialogues with Pierre Bonnard and nostalgia of her former studio in the famous North Syquia Apartments in Malate, Manila. My boss, visual artist,#PhyllisZaballero , … Continue reading ArtistsStudioPorn

Wanderlust Companions

My wandering- wanderlust companions since they can barely walk and run, my nieces are all grown up now. Chian, the eldest recently graduated from public HS.She’s the geek in the family gathering academic awards. Sabel and I are just members of the family gathering smiles 🙂 kidding aside-the little one is into arts. Our next … Continue reading Wanderlust Companions


I renewed my relationship with my Bike, but hardly with my Xss 😛  Bikes are better off than Xs anyway. They are not liars, if they are flat they are flat, you have to re-air them. If you glide they glide.If you soar they fly with you, they give you nothing but happiness and satisfaction. … Continue reading Renewed

Baptism of Fire

I passed the “baptism of fire”of being a College Lecturer on Art Management and Art Appreciation in an All Girl’s School. I feel your character in Mona Lisa Smile Julia Roberts :-).. I gave a C and someone in one class approached me and asked “Why is my Grade like that?, I delivered all your … Continue reading Baptism of Fire

Holiday Rush

Sure it’s Holiday today, “Araw ng Kagitingan” (Day of Valor). While everyone is on a holiday galore, perhaps shopping or swimming or what-have- they. I was also busy from the start of the day up to dusk. Morning: yes, while I was just about to savor the 1 hour left in bed before my day started, … Continue reading Holiday Rush